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The founding of LAD Promotions

The journey of Spirit Seeker and LAD (Life After Death) Promotions began with a conversation between Derek Robinson and Gordon Higginson at Wimbledon Spiritualist Church. Gordon, then the President of the SNU (Spiritualists' National Union), proposed the idea of taking Spiritualism to the people by organising events in large halls and theaters across the UK. The goal was to showcase Mediums in a propagandist manner, reminiscent of earlier days, to inspire people to attend Spiritualist Churches in their local areas.

In 1982, LAD Promotions was founded by Derek Robinson, along with notable figures like Doris Stokes, Gordon Higginson, and Jesse Nason. When Derek Robinson transitioned to the spirit world in 2014, his close family members and friends, including Ray, Jackie, Ashley, Rachel, Claire, and Sean, continued his mission of promoting the understanding of Life After Death and sharing the truths of Spiritualism.

LAD Promotions introduced the Spirit Seeker events as a means to spread awareness about Spiritualism and to provide a platform for individuals seeking knowledge and understanding from others. It is believed,  “there are many who embark on seeking Spirit, however along life's journey, many also get discouraged.  Most seek without themselves, but one needs to seek within to find all the answers, for this is where we have all the tools available to progress in our own lives.”


A message channeled by Birgita Visser on the meaning of Spirit Seeker

"Ye all who seek, ye shall findeth
Seek within thyself
And thou shallt findeth
To heal thyself, is to unburden thyself
Thy hurt, thy ballast, and carry with thee no more
But to feel free in all thou undertakings
To lighten thy weight
And clear thy inner confusion
To embark on thy journey of inner awakening
Of remembering who thou art
Seek thy Spirit from within
And enhance thy abilities that for so long have slumbered
Seek and thou shallt findeth
Harnessing thy abilities with a light and vigour renewed
And be born from thy old self anew
To shine forth thy Light
So that others may follow
In their own True Light"


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